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At East Tennessee Landscape Design, our team of imaginative and committed professionals brings creativity and expertise to every project. From the initial spark of a conceptual idea, we meticulously develop it into a comprehensive set of working blueprints and visually stunning 3D models. Our portfolio spans various projects, from intimate single-family homes to expansive commercial complexes. Our overarching goal is to craft landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing but also functional and sustainable for the long term.
To ensure that we capture the full breadth and depth of each project, we often create a Master Plan. This comprehensive document serves as a roadmap that outlines the entire scope of the project in detail. It goes beyond design sketches and aesthetic considerations to include a holistic view of the land’s intended use. Elements such as residential housing, parking facilities, utility networks, traffic flow, recreational spaces, and conservation or preservation efforts are all meticulously detailed in the Master Plan. This allows us to have a complete understanding of the project’s complexities and nuances, enabling us to deliver designs that are both beautiful and practical.

Why Choose Us

As a top-tier local landscaping firm, we offer comprehensive services to elevate your outdoor experience. Beginning with an initial discussion to understand your objectives, we tailor our offerings to fit your financial plan. We aim to craft an inviting and practical outdoor haven for you. Our landscaping experts are inventive and stay abreast of current design movements, ensuring your outdoor area becomes a stylish venue for social gatherings.


When it comes to your outdoor living areas, having a team of landscaping professionals on your side offers a way to bring your space to life. East Tennessee Landscape Design offers the most complete range of high-quality outdoor design and landscaping services in Tennessee’s Eastern Suburbs. If you live in Kingsport, Morristown, Johnson City, Greenville, Gate City, Jonesborough, Surgoinville, Dandridge, Jefferson City, Middlesboro, Jonesville, Churchill, Pennington Gap, Rogersville, Newportour our landscape design team has the most creative transformations to elevate your spaces.